Health Benefits

Safeguarding the Health Benefits of Our Marines for our Nation's Vitality

Marine Corps healthcare coverage and medical insurance keep its Marines in good health, not only so they can win every battle they face, but also to support their families that are backing them at home. While serving in the Marine Corps, every Marine and his or her immediate family will receive a number of health benefits, including access to world-class medical facilities located on base, free comprehensive medical insurance and competitively priced dental insurance. In addition, for Marines who remain in the Marine Corps through retirement, their medical benefits extend throughout their lifetime.



When it comes to ensuring we are the force that the Nation can always call on to win its battles today and into the future, the Marine Corps can not call in sick. For this reason, we take extraordinary steps to maintain the health of the Marines, so that at all times, they are in fighting shape, ready to answer our Nation's call.

The advantages of becoming a Marine far exceed a simple list of benefits: Marines are supported by the Marine Corps warriorhood, as well as by a range of personal and professional resources. During active service, and even long after service, Marines and their families have access to world-class support, including these benefits that ensure their health:

Comprehensive medical and dental care

TRICARE coverage for Marines on active duty or in the Reserve, Retired Marines and Marine family members

Additional life insurance coverage at minimal cost

Lifetime medical benefits at reduced rates for retired members.



Marine Corps healthcare coverage keeps Marines in good health so we can prevail over the challenges of today and tomorrow, while comprehensive health insurance is provided to support our Marine families who play such a crucial role in our Nation's fight. Exceptional medical facilities are located on base or within a short driving distance of where our Marines are serving, and world-class healthcare is available for all active-duty Marines, their dependents, and retired Marines. If there are no medical facilities available on base, Marines and their families are referred to a civilian facility at little or no cost.

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